KAP TAMBUNAN & NASAFI has been a member of BOKS International since 2020, a global alliance of independent solicitors, auditors, tax and business consultants. BOKS International member firms operate, first and foremost, on integrity, competence and trust. BOKS International’s unique selling point is that they are able to offer their services with fast and effective access to experts across the globe. This creates strong competitive advantages which we pass straight onto our clients.

Every market has its own language.
With BOKS International’s network at our fingertips, we support you in achieving your business goals and obtaining the relevant local knowledge that you need. That applies to multinational corporations as well as small start-ups which can benefit from high-quality consultancy, specialist support and cost-effective solutions. We help you to find the best possible solution for country-specific questions and issues. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with quick and straightforward support with, for example, founding your company, registering for VAT and questions relating to international trademark and commercial law.

Ensuring that there are no borders to your success.

KAP Tambunan & Nasafi is an independent member of BOKS International Limited, a global alliance of professional consultants. KAP Tambunan & Nasafi is an autonomous legal entity independent from BOKS International Limited and its other member firms of the BOKS alliance and is solely responsible for the work and services it provides for its customers and clients. BOKS International Limited and the other members of the BOKS alliance are not responsible and do not accept liability for the actions or inactions of KAP Tambunan & Nasafi and KAP Tambunan & Nasafi’s Partner and does not accept responsibility for the actions or inactions of other member firms.